The New Alimony Reform Law

A new Alimony law became effective March 1, 2012, and made significant changes to alimony in Massachusetts. Here is a summary of some of the new provisions. Four Types of Alimony General Term Alimony  is the “periodic payment of support to a … — more —

What to do with the underwater marital home.

Dealing with the marital home in divorce is somewhat of a cyclical problem. Years ago, when most women didn’t work outside the home, and housing costs were not oppressive, there were many cases where the wife was awarded sole occupancy … — more —

Imputed Income for Health Insurance Benefits

Since 2006, divorcing Massachusetts residents have been accustomed to continued health insurance coverage from the former spouse’s employer-provided plans under most circumstances. A recent amendment also requires coverage for children up to age 26. Separation agreements typically provide for one … — more —