Certified Massachusetts Family Law and Divorce Mediator

What is Divorce Mediation?

Is it possible . . . to go through divorce without being bogged down for months and years by hostile and expensive litigation?

Is it possible . . . to go through divorce and resolve all your financial issues fairly?

Is it possible . . . to maintain a respectful relationship with your spouse and end up with a fair and balanced agreement that addresses your needs?

Is it possible . . . to keep your children out of the conflict?

Is it possible . . . to go through divorce without sparring in court with costly adversarial motions and hearings?

Is it possible . . . to go through divorce without having your future dictated to you by strangers?

Yes, it is possible.  Through formal Divorce Mediation, a trained, impartial professional mediator helps guide you and your spouse toward a mutually acceptable agreement.  You and your spouse resolve all the issues you need to address in your divorce in a timely and economical manner.  Because you control the process, and your needs and concerns are considered foremost, the result is most often a fair and balanced Divorce Agreement that has the same legal effect as one hammered out by lawyers after years of battling in court.

Mediation Makes Sense. Considering the vast majority of divorce cases are settled before trial, it makes sense to try to settle your divorce at the beginning of the process, instead of at the end — after emotions have spun out of control, positions become hardened, and you have both spent thousands of hard-earned dollars on legal fees.

Take control of your own life.  Because nothing in mediation can happen without your agreement, you are always in charge of the process. You gain control, and stay in charge of your life.

It’s up to you. Choose mediation and:

  • save time and money
  • stay in control of your own life
  • improve communication with your spouse
  • protect what is important to you
  • resolve longstanding disputes
  • avoid drawing your children into the fray
  • develop problem solving skills that will help you resolve conflicts . . . forever

Want to know more? Click here for a full explanation of the formal Divorce Mediation process.

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