Instructions for logging in to Video Conference:

Note:  You may wish to start about 5 minutes before the meeting to get set up if you have never used EZ Talks before.

If you received a link with an 8 or 9 digit number, just click it.

If not, please click:         
and follow the instructions to “Join a Meeting” and enter the 8 or 9 digit number.

Enter the name you wish to appear.   You can use a nickname.  Don’t pick “Mike.”

A couple little check boxes will appear that says “Log in with Computer Audio”  and/or “
Turn on Video” (depending on whether you are using a laptop, desktop, or smartphone).  Make sure you check them.

You will be prompted to install a small app called the”EZ-Talks Launcher.”  It takes less than a minute.  It all happens automatically.

If you have used EZTalks before, you will be prompted to run the EZTalks Launcher.  Do it.

The EZ-Talks Launcher should pop up automatically on your screen.  However, if you have a clutter of windows open, you may not see it because it is buried underneath some already open windows, so shrink all your open windows with the (-) minus button to uncover it.  Voila!

Make sure your camera lens isn’t covered with duct tape and your microphone and camera are turned on.

If you have trouble with the microphone and/or camera, first make sure the Video and Audio icons on the bottom menu bar of the EZ-Talks launcher are turned on.  They will have a red stripe through them if they are turned off.  It will look like this:

     Just click the icon to turn them on and make the red stripe go away.  If that doesn’t work, here are some quick pointers for Windows users to getting them turned on:–Windows-10-Allowing-Access-for-Microphone-Camera

If you are using a Mac, you are on your own. 

If you prefer the “Zoom” view with everybody’s faces showing on the screen, just hover your mouse over the screen and you will see two icons appear, one with little people and one with diagonal arrows, like this:

Click the little people to toggle to “Gallery View” and the diagonal arrows for full screen view.

If you are hopelessly technologically  challenged, you may join the meeting by calling in by telephone.  Just dial 1-201-439-8092 and enter the 8 or 9 digit meeting number.